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Monday, 05 December 2016 06:51

The Annual Meeting of the Supervisory Board HL7 Russia

On November, 22  the annual meeting of the Supervisory Board HL7 Russia took place in Central Scientific-Research Institute of Organization and Informatization of Healthcare. It was attended by representatives of 15 member organizations of the Supervisory Board HL7 Russia from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Belgorod, Tyumen, Pereslavl-Zalessky.

Tatyana Zarubina, Chief Specialist in the implementation of modern information systems in health care, addressed opening remarks to the audience. Sergey Shvyrev, The President of HL7 Russia, performed with the report "HL7 Russia. Results and prospects", which summarized the activities of the organization in 2015-2016, the sides discussed topical issues of using different versions of HL7 standards in our country (V. 2, v.3, CDA, FHIR) and outlined development prospects for the nearest future.

Ivan Emelin in his report, "Health Level Seven and Rosstandart. Current state" told about the latest news in the field of development and adoption of national standards for the exchange of electronic health information, and also expressed his point of view on the advantages and disadvantages of different versions of HL7 standards with the solution of various problems of interaction of medical information systems.

Vitali Rodionov shared his practical experience of creating guides for the implementation of structured electronic medical documents based on HL7 CDA R2. It was noted that our country has created a set of guidelines for the implementation of SAMD designed for system management, IMC MOH. The necessity of unification of the structural elements of these documents based on templates.

Eugene Mozolev told about the development of e-distance learning platform HL7 and its prospects in 2017. The project is a part of a strategic partnership between HL7 Russia and SofTrust. "Introduction to the HL7 standards» course was created and now it is actievly used. New course "Architecture of clinical documents CDA» will be launched in the near future. Devid Hey's blog dedicated to "ClinFHIR" is translated into Russian. 

Vladimir Turin, System Architect of "Healthcare" direction in "Netrica" company, spoke about the use of international standards in the process of building a regional reference IEMK systems based on "N3.Healthcare" integration platform. Great attention in the report was devoted to the issues of unique identification of patients.

Alexey Gaidukov, head of development solutions for health care "1C", in his report told about the practical experience and original technological solutions in the process of organization of electronic document circulation on a regional level based on CAMD CDA R2. The need for the speedy establishment of the legislative framework governing the exchange and use of electronic medical records in our country was stressed. 

All reports aroused great interest and fruitful discussion on the informal part of the meeting of the Supervisory Board. We thank all our colleagues who took the opportunity to attend the annual event HL7 Russia!.

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